Trump dismisses reports that campaign is short on funds

According to media reports in recent weeks, there has been a fundraising surge for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Those reports went hand-in-hand with speculation that President Donald Trump’s campaign is beginning to run short on funds, The Hill reported.

But in a pair of tweets posted Monday evening, the president dismissed media reports of money drying up as “fake news.”

Campaign alleged to be nearly broke

“I keep reading Fake News stories that my campaign is running low on money,” Trump tweeted. “Not true, & if it were so, I would put up money myself.”

He continued, “The fact is that we have much more money than we had 4 years ago, where we spent much less money than Crooked Hillary, and still easily won, 306-223!”

In a follow-up tweet, the president explained, “Much of the money we have spent is on our ground game, said to be the best ever put together. I’ll let you know how good it is on November 3rd.”

He added, “Very expensive to do, but opportunity could be BIG! I will spend additional money if we are not spending enough!”

Campaign canceling ad buys in certain states

Media reports had indicated that the Trump campaign pulled roughly $2 million in planned ads for Michigan and Wisconsin, with an unspecified lesser amount in ads being canceled in Iowa, Minnesota and Ohio, The Hill reported.

This drew speculation that the Trump campaign is canceling ads because it is running short on funds. Absent from the media speculation is the possibility that the campaign is doing well in those states and spending on the ads was deemed wasteful.

However, the Biden campaign and Democratic National Committee reportedly outraised the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee by a reported $150 million in the month of August, Politico reported.

Conventional rules don’t apply

With regard to Trump’s vow to spend his own fortune on his reelection campaign if necessary, The Hill noted that then-candidate Trump contributed about $66 million of his own money to his 2016 effort and was on record as vowing to spend upward of $100 million of his own funds in the next election if necessary.

If we’ve learned anything about Trump over the past four years it is that he doesn’t always abide by conventional wisdom or follow the old political playbooks, and that certainly holds true for his campaign efforts.

Unless actual evidence appears of a funding shortfall, beyond media speculation about shifts in spending on ad buys, it is more likely that claims that Trump’s campaign is nearly broke are, indeed, “fake news.”

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