Trump dismisses ‘fake news’ story alleging he’d issue pardons for border officials acting illegally on his order

One of President Donald Trump’s top priorities has been his effort to secure the southern U.S. border to stem illegal immigration and drug trafficking — an effort the liberal establishment media has decidedly rejected and attempt to disrupt at every turn.

In yet another example of this, The Washington Post published a story on Tuesday alleging that Trump was prepared to knowingly disregard laws holding up progress on border wall construction, and even asserted that he’d vowed to issue pardons to any administration official that might be prosecuted for breaking laws in the process of getting the wall built.

President Trump strongly denied the Post‘s allegations and dismissed the story as “fake news.”

WaPo makes bold claims

The Post set the scene by suggesting that President Trump was becoming increasingly frantic to see the oft-promised border wall completed prior to the 2020 election. Along those lines, it was reported — based solely on anonymous sources identified only as current and former administration officials — that Trump was pressuring certain officials responsible for the construction to speed up the process, possibly ignoring laws and regulations in the process.

The article also made other assertions about Trump and the border wall, such as that the president supposedly admitted that a border wall was unnecessary and that he allegedly insisted on certain aesthetic designs for the completed fencing.

In response to concerns expressed by some officials that doing those things could run afoul of the law and leave some officials open to potential prosecution, Trump is alleged to have said, “Don’t worry, I’ll pardon you.”

The Post did note, however, that an unnamed White House official said that the president had clearly been joking with that remark.

But even with that disclaimer, the rest of the mainstream media ran wild with the story, wholly convinced as they are that Trump is some sort of lawless president that cares nothing for established rules and regulations, ignoring the fact that a key element of his promise to “drain the swamp” that is Washington is predicated upon restoring a respect for the rule of law.

The president fires back

As for the report that Trump had promised to issue pardons to administration officials who’d broken laws in the process of building the border wall, the president shot that notion down himself with a fiery tweet on Wednesday.

“Another totally Fake story in the Amazon Washington Post (lobbyist) which states that if my Aides broke the law to build the Wall (which is going up rapidly), I would give them a Pardon,” Trump tweeted. “This was made up by the Washington Post only in order to demean and disparage – FAKE NEWS!”

In another tweet later on Wednesday, Trump also knocked the Post and CNN for pushing “fake news” and dismissed the notion that he didn’t believe the border wall was important, writing: “WRONG, vitally important. Will make a BIG impact. So bad!”

Given how much President Trump has spoken about the need for a wall and the great lengths he has gone to obtain the necessary funding, it is simply ludicrous for the media to expect the American people to believe the Post‘s story. As Trump said: it’s just “FAKE NEWS!”

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