President Trump calls Democrats the ‘party of crime’ at Monday rally

As the 2018 midterm elections draw near, President Donald Trump has hit the road for a series of campaign-style rallies in hopes of drumming up support for the GOP’s candidates across the country — and he hasn’t been afraid of calling out the Democrats at these appearances.

At a rally in Johnson City, Tennessee on Monday in support of U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who currently represents the state’s Seventh District in the House but is vying for a seat in the Senate, Trump labeled the Democratic Party the “party of crime” and suggested that the Dems want to “turn America into Venezuela.”

“The Democratic Party is radical socialism — Venezuela — and open borders,” Trump said on Monday. “It is now called to me — you’ve never heard this before — the party of crime. It is the party of crime, that is what it is.”

Trump also noted the Democrats’ repeated “obstruction” of his agenda, and urged voters to send more Republicans to Congress who would support his ultimate goal of “making America great again.”

Party of Crime

In calling Democrats the “party of crime,” Trump reminded voters that the blue party supports the lawlessness of open borders, which directly conflict with Trump’s nationalist agenda, and sanctuary cities, whose leaders actively work to undermine the Trump administration and its immigration policies.

He went on to note that the Democrats, who Trump said thrive on “anger, destruction, and chaos,” only want to further obstruct his agenda and “take everything away” from Republicans.

“This country will never be Venezuela, that I can tell you. That is what they are looking for. The Democratic Party has been taken over by the ‘Resistance,’” Trump said. “They are only good for one thing. They stick together like glue. They will take everything, including your Second Amendment, they will take everything away.”

Trump also reminded supporters of the so-called “Deep State,” a group of unelected and unnamed bureaucrats that some allege are working to stop Trump and, instead, advance their own agenda — all on the government’s dime.

While Democrats and the mainstream media will likely balk at Trump’s assertion that they are the “party of crime,” they have so far failed to effectively disprove that narrative, and, as has been seen in recent days as the controversy heightens over Trump’s most recent Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh.

The mistreatment of Kavanaugh

The Washington Times reported that Trump keyed in on Kavanaugh in his Monday talk, which occurred just days after Trump ordered the FBI to complete a “limited” investigation into claims by at least three women that Kavanaugh assaulted them or otherwise made unwanted sexual advances toward them during his time in high school and college.

Kavanaugh, who first nominated by Trump in July, was hit at what some have called “the 11th hour” with these allegations but has continued to “emphatically” deny them in both news interviews and public hearings.

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“Democrats are willing to do anything and hurt anyone,” Trump said of the left’s treatment of Kavanaugh. The president went on to suggest that the Dems’ concern for alleged victims of sexual assault is only half-hearted, arguing that they are really only concerned with Kavanaugh because he nominated the conservative judge.

“They want to stop him because they know he will follow the Constitution as written,” Trump said. “That’s been his history.”

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