Trump calls on Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar to resign

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN) faced heavy backlash over the weekend after she posted a series of tweets that were widely viewed as anti-Semitic, reviving tired tropes about “Jewish money” influencing U.S. foreign policy and insinuating that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (better known as AIPAC) has paid off members of Congress to buy their favor toward Israel.

Following the incredible bipartisan blowback she received over the tweets, Omar issued a sort of “sorry, not sorry” apology that came across as insincere, especially as she doubled down on her complaint against AIPAC. But President Donald Trump made it clear that he wasn’t buying it on Tuesday, and called for Omar to resign in disgrace.

Omar’s “apology”

Speaking to reporters in the Oval Office on Tuesday, Trump unloaded on Omar and called for her to at least resign her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, if not resign from Congress altogether. He said he did not believe her apology was sincere, and he saw no place in the American government for her overt anti-Semitism.

“Anti-Semitism has no place in the United States Congress, and Congresswoman Omar is, terrible, what she said. And I think she should either resign from Congress, or she should certainly resign from the House Foreign Affairs Committee,” the president asserted.

“What she said is so deep-seated in her heart that her lame apology — and that’s what it was. It was lame, and she didn’t mean a word of it — was just not appropriate,” he continued.

“I think she should resign from Congress, frankly, but at a minimum, she shouldn’t be on committees, certainly that committee,” added Trump.

Double standard

President Trump was far from alone in calling for Omar to resign over her anti-Semitic remarks, which are just the latest from Omar that reveal her deep and abiding hatred for Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

Several top Republicans — including those in Congress, the members of the Republican National Committee, and former executive branch officials — all issued calls of their own for Omar’s resignation, including Republican New York Rep. Lee Zeldin, who compared Omar’s situation to that of Republican Iowa Rep. Steve King.

King came under fire not so long ago over comments that allegedly defended white supremacy.

“Just last month, you had House Democrats tripping all over each other, running to the floor of the House of Representatives to condemn white supremacy in a resolution that named Congressman Steve King. He apologized,” explained Zeldin. Despite King’s apology, he was still stripped of all his committee assignments by Republican leadership.

“And now, we have those same members — many of them tripping over each other, running away from the House floor, so they don’t have to condemn anti-Semitism,” Zeldin added.

It remains to be seen if anything of consequence will happen to Omar in response to her blatant and overt anti-Semitism or if Democrats will refrain from holding her accountable for her unexcusable, hateful rhetoric.

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