Donald Trump: ‘I don’t think you can delay’ Kavanaugh confirmation any longer

Late this week, Trump changed his stance on the allegations made against Kavanaugh pretty dramatically.

While he was initially patient, President Trump said on Thursday, “I don’t think you can delay it any longer.”

Fed Up

Anyone watching President Trump over the last two or three days can easily see his patience is wearing thin.

Since Ford made her allegations, Trump had a very muted response on social media.

On Thursday, that all started to change.

By Friday, Trump was back on the attack and had apparently heard all he could take about the allegations made against his SCOTUS nominee.

The President, in fact, was making some of the points we have made right here.

No police report, fuzzy details, no corroborating witnesses… all makes it seem like a political ploy rather than a true allegation.

Done Waiting

Now Trump, like most conservatives, is done waiting for this to move along.

Ford was offered the opportunity to testify before the senate committee on Monday, but her camp balked, saying it was not enough time to prepare.

From reports, it appears Ford is hoping to testify on Thursday.

If Grassley approves this, Kavanaugh would be expected to testify immediately after Ford.

Then the committee may issue additional subpoenas if need be to further investigate the allegations.

Democrats are now chiming in that they want the FBI to conduct an investigation, but that is unlikely to happen.

On the delay tactics, Trump stated, “To see what is going on is just very, very sad. You say, why didn’t somebody call the FBI 36 years ago?”

Honestly, it is tough to imagine anything new being learned by the hearing.

Ford has already outlined everything she remembers about the alleged incident.

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In return, Kavanaugh has denied it as well as everyone that was at the alleged incident denying it.

Trump is right, this has been delayed long enough.

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