New poll shows Trump decisively defeating Biden in potential 2024 rematch of 2020

The 2024 election is still more than two years away, but early polling suggests that it could feature a rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

If that turns out to be the case, a new poll showed that Trump would prevail over Biden by approximately six percentage points, Breitbart reported.

However, while it seems almost certain that Trump will run for the Republican nomination again in 2024, it remains very much in question whether Biden will seek a second term or step aside for another prominent Democrat to carry his party’s banner into the next election cycle.

Trump beats Biden in a rematch

The latest Premise poll admittedly has a small sample size of 155 U.S. adults surveyed between July 15-16, but it still provides a decent snapshot of the electorate with respect to the next presidential election and the odds-on favorites to represent the two major political parties.

First, on the question of whether voters would approve of another run for the White House by former President Trump, a total of 82 percent either “strongly” or “somewhat” approve.

In comparison, with respect to whether Biden should run for a second term, 40 percent said “yes” while 60 percent said “no.”

Given that, the pollsters found that if the 2024 general election turned out to be a 2020 rematch, 53 percent would choose Trump compared to 47 percent who would vote for Biden.

That said, if Republicans were to choose a nominee other than Trump, such as former Vice President Mike Pence or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, President Biden would still lose his bid for re-election by similar margins.

The findings of this Premise poll aren’t too far off from the RealClearPolitics average of polls for a 2024 rematch of the 2020 election, albeit with a much tighter margin of just two percentage points, with Trump at 44.5 percent and Biden at 42.5 percent.

Most voters don’t want a 2020 rematch

Meanwhile, a late-July poll from NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ found that majorities in both parties would prefer a 2024 race that didn’t include Biden or Trump.

At least 60 percent of voters believe that Biden shouldn’t run for another term, including 30 percent of Democrats, while 57 percent of voters said Trump shouldn’t run again, either, including 26 percent of Republicans.

Of course, in light of Biden’s age, increasingly apparent cognitive decline, and dismal job approval ratings, it is far from a given that he will be the Democratic nominee in the next cycle, and likewise, though Trump has indicated strongly that he intends to run again, he similarly faces questions about his age and low approval numbers — to say nothing of potential legal troubles, manufactured and overblown as they may be — that could compel GOP voters to pick somebody else as their nominee.

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