Trump declares Democrat-run Baltimore a ‘disgusting mess’

Donald Trump is the very best at stirring up and exposing leftists. He isn’t afraid of calling them out and showing the nation that they can’t run anything.

In his latest move, President Trump attacked Baltimore Democrat Elijah Cummings for the rampant crime and violence in his district, the Times of Israel reports.

‘Dangerous and filthy’

Democrats want to run the country, but their own cities are a mess.

Donald Trump tweeted that Rep. Cummings’ district is a “disgusting, rate and rodent-infested mess.”

Trump’s attack was inspired by Cummings’ attacks on Border patrol facilities. Cummings is a notorious critic of the Trump administration and has launched multiple investigations into Trump’s policies.

The truth hurts

Of course, the liberal media exploded after Trump’s tweets, labeling the president a racist for his remarks. Nothing in his tweets ever referred to race in the first place; however, if what he said is racist, then liberal darling Bernie Sanders is a racist as well.

Fox News reports: “Sen. Bernie Sanders — a candidate seeking the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination — took his own shots at Baltimore.”

Sanders called the city “a community in which half of the people don’t have jobs,” compared it to a third-world country, and ultimately declaring the city a “disgrace.”

Additionally, it’s not racist to point out when a system of governance is clearly not working. Violent crime in Baltimore has been steadily increasing for years now.

Breitbart reported that “the number of homicides in Baltimore was 211 for the year 2014, but has been over 300 every year since.”

Baltimore also beat out major crime capital contenders and Democrat-run cities Chicago, Los Angeles, and Detriot for the dubious title of “homicide capital of the U.S.” Clearly, something is wrong in Baltimore.

Instead of attacking the president for pointing out the truth, maybe Democrats should actually focus on serving and protecting the people they represent.

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