Don Jr., President Trump top the list of targets for death threats: Report

Donald Trump, Jr. has a new book coming out this week titled Triggered.

In it, Don Jr. claims that the Secret Service has confirmed that he has been placed at the top of the list of targets for death threats — second only to the president himself, The Epoch Times reports.

Targeting the Trumps

The Trumps have been under attack by the left from the moment Donald Trump announced his candidacy.

Those attacks increased when Trump became the nominee, and now that he is president, his entire family is a target.

However, now they are not just targets for the media — actual death threats are being made. For a president to be threatened is nothing new, but his entire family is now at risk as well.

Out For Blood

For Trump Jr., the threats started to pour in after he started to campaign for his father. Some may say he is being dramatic, but we know for a fact very real threats have been made against these family members.

Remember the envelope that was delivered with a mysterious white powder to Trump Jr.’s home? How about the threats we see on a regular basis on social media, some of which have resulted in arrests?

And the Trumps are not the only ones in danger. As Don Jr. stated, “Anyone who supports my father is a target.”

The threats being made against these people are not idle, and should not be considered trivial. Even so, Don Jr. says the family will not hide — because that is exactly what Trump’s opposition wants.

“These people are so irrational, hysterical, upset, and out looking for enemies. I should know. I became one of their top targets,” the president’s son said.

The threats are not just coming from far-left whackos, either; prominent entertainers often encourage violence against the First Family. In a recent song, Eminem says: “Time to bury him, so tell him to prepare to get impeached.”

Had those words been written about President Barack Obama, there would have been national outrage. Instead, they are celebrated and played on the radio. What a shame.

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