Trump signs off on creation of Space Force

The last time the United States established a military branch was when the Air Force was launched in 1947.

With the signing of the new budget, though, President Donald Trump made history by approving the creation of a new branch of the military to be known as Space Force, Breitbart reports.

Dream becomes reality

When Trump first became president, he was laughed at when he discussed forming a military branch focused on space. But with funding finally in place for the new branch of service, nobody is laughing now.

Contained in the defense spending bill — the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act — is the funding for the creation of Space Force.

This new branch of service, the first created in more than seven decades, will fall under the supervision of the Air Force.

“This is a big moment,” Trump said, “and we’re all here for it.”

Establishing superiority

John F. Kennedy was well ahead of his time when he initiated the space race. He then saw the need for being preeminent in terms of space exploration if we were going to remain the dominant force on earth.

Over the last few decades, however, our stature in this realm has dwindled, and many experts have predicted that it may not be long before the U.S. falls behind countries like China and Russia.

Not only is Trump stepping up the space program, but he is doing it in a way that will give the U.S. a weaponized force in outer space.

The man in charge of the new military branch is Air Force General John Richmond, who will now be placed among the Joint Chiefs as the Chief of Space Operations.

In addition to the new military branch, the legislation also provided the biggest raise our military has seen in more than a decade.

In all, Trump will have allocated $783 billion for defense spending over the next year, continuing the trend under his administration of rebuilding the military after years of neglect under the Obama administration.

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