Trump cracks joke about attempted ‘coup’ in NRA speech

Donald Trump has always had a good sense humor — and he is not afraid to show it, even as commander-in-chief.

The crowd at the recent NRA convention in Indianapolis got a quick taste of that humor when Trump joked about the Democrats’ “coup” that tried to take him down: Robert Mueller’s investigation. He didn’t need a gun to stop that, Trump joked.

The response he got was thunderous applause. Take a look:

No Joking Matter

While the president joked about the “Deep State” trying to take him out, this is something Americans need to take very seriously.

If we learned anything from Robert Mueller’s report, it is that a Deep State definitely exists in our government.

Trump has been trying to expose them, but this process needs to be kicked into high gear.

We can only imagine how much further along we would be if Trump wasn’t distracted by Mueller’s ridiculous probe all through his first two years in office.

The Deep State

There was a time when most conservatives would have written anyone off that talked about a Deep State as a complete nut job.

This presidency has changed that.

Look no further than the Mueller report for all the proof you need.

How else can you explain an FBI director that allowed a false report to be used for FISA warrants against a presidential candidate?

This is the stuff of spy novels, yet it is being carried out in our own government.

There is also the fact the Barack Obama administration knew about Russian efforts to hack our elections two years before the 2016 election and did nothing about it.

Democrats are using every trick in the book to unseat Trump, but nothing is working.

But while this initial attempt by the Deep State failed, most believe this fight is far from over. Buckle up, Mr. President.

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