Trump continues personnel shakeup in wake of impeachment acquittal

Now that the impeachment charade is over, all bets appear to be off, and President Donald Trump is cleaning house.

In yet another move that has Democrats furious, Trump continued the process of removing or reassigning administration personnel he believes do not support his agenda or who harbor disloyalty to him as the commander in chief, including a significant number of Obama-era holdovers, The Washington Times reports.

Purging the holdovers

Trump has tried his best to work in a collaborative fashion with Democrats since taking office, and in some respects, that may have been a mistake.

Rather than revamping the staffs of key government agencies as soon as he walked in the door, Trump allowed a sizable number of Obama adminstration bureaucrats to remain in place to ensure a smooth transition of power.

This decision has haunted Trump throughout this presidency, and some may say that it even led to his impeachment, but changes are afoot at long last.

Last week, Trump had impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his twin brother, Yevgeny, reassigned away from the National Security Council, and this week, the administration went right down the line and eliminated 70 NSC positions occupied by Obama-era staffers.

Furthermore, the president has withdrawn the nomination of Jessie Liu to serve at the Treasury Department, citing her involvement in the prosecution of Trump friend and former associate Roger Stone.

Dems cry revenge

These moves did not sit well with Democrats, who are accusing Trump of carrying out a campaign of revenge against his impeachment accusers and other political foes, and some are hinting at the possibility of another bite at the impeachment apple prior to the November election.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), for instance, lectured Republican senators about the Liu nomination withdrawal via Twitter, saying, “President Trump didn’t learn any ‘lessons’ when you excused his abuse of power. And now you are responsible for every new abuse he commits.”

Not everyone saw it this way, though; Richard Vatz, a professor at Towson University declared: “There is no reason a president should suborn patently political opposition within his or her own administration.”

And that is really what this personnel shakeup was all about, because it was clear that Lt. Col. Vindman, former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, the so-called whistleblower and others in the administration have long been openly attempting to undermine the sitting president.

Trump should in no way feel compelled to retain individuals who are not only untrustworthy, but who are also bent on sabotaging his agenda both at home and abroad, and many would agree that the recent draining of the swamp was long overdue.

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