Trump considering firing Rod Rosenstein over Mueller investigation

President Trump may have finally reached his breaking point.

Reports are surfacing all over the Internet and social media that President Trump wants to terminate Rod Rosenstein for his role in the Mueller investigation.

The Raid

Earlier this week, the FBI raided the office of one of Trump’s personal attorneys, Michael Cohen.

The raid was allegedly conducted to try to find evidence related to the Stormy Daniels case.

After the raid was conducted, President Trump briefly addressed the press during one of his quick post-cabinet meeting interviews.

He made no secret he was absolutely furious about the raid and thought it was out of bounds.

Now, we all know Trump is not happy the Russian investigation is continuing.

After roughly 15 months and millions of dollars being spent, our tax dollars mind you, no collusion has been found.

When it was revealed that Rosenstein was the one that signed off on the FBI raid, it no doubt sent Trump into a tizzy.

Out of Bounds

Almost from day one, this investigation has been able to travel down any road it wishes, even though most of these roads have nothing to do with President Trump and the Russians.

Mueller was tasked with finding collusion, and he has found nothing.

If something unrelated came into the fold during the natural course of his investigation, Sessions should be alerted.

At that point, if the Attorney General wants to appoint another special counsel to investigate that particular case, so be it.

But that is not what is happening here.

This investigation has turned into an eternal witch hunt to find something, anything, that can be used against Trump and serve him up on a platter to the Democrats.

Trump now reportedly believes Rosenstein has gone far enough that he can fire him without much political backlash.

CNN reported, “Some of Trump’s legal advisers are telling him they now have a stronger case against Rosenstein.”

“They believer Rosenstein crossed the line in what he can and cannot pursue.”

This is no longer about Rosenstein investigating Trump.

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Now it just about a blatant abuse of power and wasting taxpayer dollars.

While liberals will try to present a case of obstruction of justice, there is little doubt in most of our minds that Rosenstein has in fact gone way too far and Trump has more than enough justification to send Rosenstein packing.

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