Trump congratulates Rachel Campos-Duffy for ‘great job’ on Fox News show

President Donald Trump took time from his busy day on Saturday to give a shout out to a Fox News host.

After making her debut on Fox & Friends, Rachel Campos-Duffy got a special a tweet that no doubt made her day:

While upbeat in that tweet, Trump went for the jugular in most of his other weekend remarks.

Taking shots at Brennan and Mueller

The revocation of former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance has been dominating the headlines since Trump announced it.

As such, Trump used part of his Saturday to tell the world more about why he felt the need to yank Brennan’s clearance:

After briefly discussing the economy, Trump went on to rip the fake news stories about him trying to block people from talking to Special Counsel Robert Mueller:

The truth

At no point has Trump ever said he was going to fire Mueller; in fact, quite the opposite.

Trump has turned over everything that was asked for and has even made his staff members available for interview.

That is not the story the media is pitching, though.

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Trump also specifically called out a story printed by the New York Times over the weekend on Twitter.

After Trump’s attack, the New York Times sent out a tweet stating it was standing behind its reporters and their story.

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