Trump confirms the US will continue to support NATO, despite rumors

It is no secret that President Donald Trump is disappointed with international financial support for NATO — but that doesn’t mean he’s ditching the alliance altogether.

The president promised on Thursday: “We will be with NATO 100 percent, but as I told the countries, you have to step up and you have to pay.”

Pay Your Share

No one has said that NATO isn’t a necessary alliance — but in all fairness, the funding for the group needs to be spread out a bit more evenly by everyone involved.

In 2016, the United States’ contribution to NATO virtually doubled every other major power involved.

We contributed more than 22 percent of the NATO budget.

The United Kingdom and France contributed less than 12 percent each.

Meanwhile, countries like Canada are only contributing just over 6 percent. What gives?

Per Capita

Statistics on the overall percentage of NATO’s budget paid by country may be considered misleading by some, due to the high population and perceived wealth of the United States.

What is not misleading, however, is the amount paid per capita by each country on defense spending.

Once again, at almost $1,900 per U.S. citizen, the United States is by far the largest contributor.

The next closest country would be Norway, at just under $1,400 per citizen.

Britain comes in at a paltry $907 per citizen, and Germany pays a mere $546 per citizen!

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To Trump’s point, every one of these countries benefits from NATO, so it is only fair they all pay their fair share.

The U.S. is trillions of dollars in debt, yet we continue to shell out for programs and aid packages that benefit other countries while ignoring our own financial and security responsibilities to the taxpayers that actually fund this.

Trump wants that to stop — but don’t worry; he’s not pulling out of the deal altogether just yet.

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