Trump condo values dropping faster than comparable properties

While most conservatives agree Trump is having a very good presidency, not all is well for the President personally.

Everyday Americans are doing great after our tax breaks, but property values on Trump’s condos in New New York are rapidly falling, according to reports.

Victim of Circumstance

Apparently, liberal New Yorkers are not clamoring to live in the Trump Tower in New York City.

Virtually from the moment Trump won the primary and became the Republican nominee for President, life for anyone living at Trump Towers has changed dramatically.

With so much press as well as the idiot protesters, some residents say it has become almost unlivable there.

All of that attention is great for Trump, but not so great for property values.

Recent reports revealed the property value at the Trump Tower has dropped by almost 30 percent.

The drop would not be as alarming if it was happening in like condos, but relative properties have only decreased in value by roughly eight percent.

Other Factors

Trump becoming president has definitely had in impact on his property value, but it is far from the only thing impacting the prices.

The neighborhood has seen a recent boom in new construction over the last three years.

As happens in every major city, residents would prefer to live in a new building with more modern amenities than they would an older building.

The fact the location is packed with so many new and upcoming properties is probably far more to blame, actually, for the drop than Trump becoming president.

Other Properties

The point about Trump’s presidency not being to blame is further enforced by looking at some of the other properties Trump owns.

A quick look at his New York properties on the West Side show actual gains in value.

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In addition, his new hotel in Washington D.C. has blown projections right out of the water.

So, if liberals want to sell off their property at a loss, rest assured there will be some conservatives more than willing to gobble them up.

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