Trump comments on latest Ilhan Omar controversy

The last few days, the political world has been abuzz about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

As the possibility of another campaign finance violation looms for Omar, Trump stated that it was “terrible” if Omar used campaign funds for her rumored affair. He stated, “I think it’s terrible. I think those allegations are absolutely terrible.”

The Mystery Man

Several weeks ago, everyone wanted to know who was the man that Omar was having dinner with 20 miles away from her hotel. Reports from the restaurant staff were that this looked far cozier than a business meeting.

Eventually, it came out that the man was Tim Mynett, who owns a consulting company that was been used by Omar during her campaign.

The problem, though, is that Mynett is a married man. Recently, his wife filed for divorce, stating in her filing that her husband told her he was in love with Omar. Omar, of course, has denied she is involved with Mynett.

Campaign Funds Misuse

While Mynett was “consulting” for Omar, his company was reportedly paid about $230,000. Of that money, more than $20,000 was allegedly used for work travel.

However, in the divorce filing, Mynett’s wife stated most of her husband’s travel was more of a personal nature than a business nature.

She apparently believes Mynett was writing off travel expenses as business expenses when he was actually traveling with Omar as her lover, not her consultant.

If that is the case, it would constitute yet another campaign finance violation for Rep. Omar.

That would be her second violation in only her first term of office, which will not inspire confidence in her donors that their money is being used properly.

Clearly, if Mrs. Mynett’s allegations are found to be true, Pelosi and company will have to do far more than just censure Omar for her actions.

It would seem the Democrat party may be best served by cutting its ties with Omar, as she has been mired in controversy from virtually her first day in office.

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