Trump claims Jack Smith just made a major admission

 March 11, 2024

Former President Donald Trump is claiming that Special Counsel Jack Smith just admitted that President Joe Biden and members of Biden's administration have orchestrated the prosecutions that have been brought by Smith against Trump. 

Trump made the claim in a message that he posted to his Truth Social account on Saturday, March 9, 2024.

Take a look:

AG Garland implicated

As you can see in the above post, Trump did not just make this claim up out of thin air.

Rather, Trump says that his claim is based on a recent court filing from Smith - the man whom the Biden administration has selected to bring two criminal prosecutions against Trump.

"While Crooked Joe Biden and his Cronies have claimed from the outset they have nothing to do with Jack Smith’s Election Interference case against me, Smith himself admitted in a Court Filing yesterday that he 'remains subject to Attorney General direction and supervision,' and that includes Biden," Trump wrote.

He continued by alleging that U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland "is carrying out the orders from his boss to prosecute me, and to interfere in the 2024 Election."

"That’s right, Jack Smith just admitted what the American People already know, namely, that his case is being directed and supervised by the Biden Administration. So, although he denies it, Garland is carrying out the orders from his boss to prosecute me, and to interfere in the 2024 Election," Trump wrote.

"Abuse of power"

Smith, as mentioned, has brought two cases against Trump: the Florida case, in which Smith accuses Trump of having illegally mishandled classified documents when he left the White House, and the Washington, D.C., case, in which Smith alleges that Trump criminally interfered in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump has pled not guilty in both cases, and he has insisted that Smith is essentially running election interference for Biden, considering that Trump and Biden are now virtually certain to face off against each other in the 2024 presidential election.

To support this claim, Trump, among other things, has pointed to the fact that Smith has been desperately pushing to get a criminal conviction of Trump before the election. The courts, however, are making it difficult for Smith to get his way.

Trump concluded his social media post by accusing Biden of abusing the presidential office more than any other president in history.

Trump wrote, "No sitting President has ever abused the Power of his Office so blatantly to pursue his Political Opponent in an Election year.  This is the Greatest Threat to Democracy in the History of our Country! Joe Biden should stop the Ridiculous and Democracy Destroying Prosecutions, NOW!"

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