Trump claims Biden admin turned US into ‘dumping ground’ for foreign criminals

Former President Donald Trump has begun speaking out more forcefully against his successor in recent weeks.

In reference to President Joe Biden’s comparatively lax immigration policy, Trump blasted the current White House for turning the United States into a “dumping ground” for criminals from other nations.

“Murderers, drug smugglers, and child abusers”

The nation has been inundated by undocumented immigrants throughout the Biden administration, many of whom Trump argues include “murderers, drug smugglers, and child abusers.”

Biden’s critics assert that his policies are endangering Americans and opening the nation up to a foreign invasion. Some have gone so far as to suggest his behavior borders on treasonous.

During a rally on Saturday in Des Moines, Iowa, Trump delivered his latest scathing critique of the current president. That event featured an energetic address from the former president and a number of prominent Republicans in attendance.

Trump did not mince words as his supporters cheered him on. He described the Biden administration as a failure, and it was clear that much of his audience enthusiastically agreed.

The numbers are clear with illegal border crossings and encounters between immigrants and border patrol agents hitting record highs under the Biden administration.

Border crisis continues

More than 1 million arrests have been made by agents along the border during the 2021 fiscal year. Detainees are generally transported to overcrowded facilities before many are released into communities across the United States.

For its part, the Biden administration has been largely transparent in expressing an intention to allow undocumented immigrants to enter the nation and pursue a pathway to citizenship.

Although this allows the Democratic Party to claim it is the party of compassion, critics say the motivations are far more practical.

Many Democrats have clearly realized that they are out of step with much of the American population and are hoping to find a new pool of supporters wherever possible. Bringing in millions of undocumented immigrants and eventually allowing them to vote, some on the right theorize, could result in a loyal new voter bloc for Democratic politicians.

If successful, Biden’s effort to repeal the tough immigration rules implemented under the Trump administration could guarantee Democratic Party victories for years to come.

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