Actress Meryl Street claims Trump children are ‘in jeopardy’

Hollywood elitists haven’t finished their assault on the President of the United States.

This time, actress Meryl Streep is making the bogus claim that Donald Trump’s children are “in jeopardy” — and she says America should be fearful of this.

Hollywood Liberal Narrative

One of the great mysteries of life is why every time a liberal Hollywood star gets a microphone in front of their face these days, they feel the absolute need to take a shot at President Trump.

During a recent fundraiser, Streep followed suit.

At an event hosted by Stephen Colbert, she was all but given the right to turn the night political by his introduction.

The liberal late-night TV host made it a point to bring up Trump’s comments about Streep’s criticisms of him.

She then insinuated that the president himself had put his children at risk.

Streep was no doubt referring to Robert Mueller’s investigation and the alleged role at least one his sons played in alleged Russian collusion prior to the election.

“His children are in jeopardy and I feel that,” Streep said.

She added: “I would do anything, anything, to get them out of trouble. So, we should be afraid.”

She’s saying that Trump will put the entire country at risk to save his children from going to jail.

The Problem Is…

Unfortunately, at least for Streep, the so-called facts on which she is basing her statement are completely false.

The Mueller investigation has been going on for almost two years, but nothing has come of it and nothing will.

Speculation is already running rampant that when Mueller’s report is eventually released, it will say nothing about collusion.

Meanwhile, the media continue to point to business dealings from almost a decade ago when Trump was seeking the building of a property in Russia that never came to fruition as “evidence.”

Once again, though, that had nothing at all to do with the 2016 election.

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So despite what Streep says, Trump’s children have nothing to worry about.

Mueller won’t find anything — because no one did anything wrong.

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