Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Trump wants a chief of staff who believes in what he’s doing

The search is officially on for the next chief of staff for President Donald Trump.

After Vice President Mike Pence’s chief Nick Ayers turned down the position, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that Trump is adamant that he wants someone in that position who “believes in what we’re doing.”

No Rush

President Trump, according to Sanders, is in no rush to find a replacement for former chief of staff John Kelly.

Rather than rush someone into the position, he wants to make sure he finds the perfect fit.

His new chief of staff will not only need to be organized, but also be used to a hot political climate.

First, they will have to navigate the waters of an opposing Congress.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have made it painfully obvious they want to oppose Trump on just about everything, so every day of the next two years is going to be a battle.

Second, there is the matter of a re-election campaign being undertaken during that same time.

This is going to make working with a Democrat Congress even more challenging, as they will want to block anything Trump wants to do that will gain him favor with voters.

Democrats have already proven the welfare of the American people is not their first priority: regaining power is.

First Choice

Since Ayers and Trump agreed the VP’s chief of staff wouldn’t be taking the job, there is much speculation as to who Trump will choose to fill the position once Kelly leaves at the end of the year.

While there has been little speculation as to names that could be on the shortlist, Trump has stated that he has several people in mind that would love to work for him in this administration.

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The president has also stated that while he does not expect his chief of staff to be a “yes” man — something we know Kelly was not — he does demand any disagreements be carried out behind closed doors.

While Trump says there is no rush, names are expected to surface in the next few days.

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