Trump cheered by supporters during ‘date night’ with Melania

President Donald Trump and the first lady decided to get out of the White House on Saturday night for dinner, — much to the delight of his supporters.

When Trump showed up at BLT Prime inside the Trump International Hotel in Washington, he was applauded, cheered, and the subject of a passionate a chant from supporters: “Four more years!”

Quite a Treat

Trump has always been friendly with guests at his hotels. That has not changed since he became president.

Whenever he stops at a property, he is always more than willing to shake hands and pose for pictures with supporters.

And even though it was a date night with Melania, that did not stop the president from taking a few minutes to pose with some of his most supportive fans.

Some of the background comments shed some light on what the people of this country really think about the president.

One man could be heard saying, “How lucky are we?!” Others could be heard gleefully saying, “I shook his hand!” after Trump had spent a moment or two with them.

The Real Trump

This is the Trump the media really doesn’t want anyone to see.

To meet this man in person is far from the ogre the media portrays him to be. He always has a kind word and a smile on his face.

The reality is that Trump is just far too honest for the corrupt politicians in Washington. He calls them out for what they really are, and they take that honesty and try to spin it as hate or racism.

But, as you can clearly see, Trump is truly loved by his supporters — and he truly is a man of the people.

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