Trump cements legacy for conservative judiciary

Currently, there are 870 federal judges on the bench.

By the end of Trump’s first term in office, most experts agree Trump will have appointed about 250 of those positions himself.

Taking Back the Courts

To say our judiciary leans liberal would be a bit of an understatement. We have seen how progressively slanted the courts have been in this country over the last two years and the problems Trump has had with them.

Democrats don’t even seem to care what he does anymore because they know that the courts will do everything in their power to stop him in his tracks.

That, however, is not how our system is supposed to work. Judges should not have more power than lawmakers and our president, and Trump is doing his part to change that.

Rather than having political activists on the bench, Trump will now be responsible for about a third of the entire appointments in the judiciary, all conservatives. This will ensure that the Constitution is respected and the judiciary is no longer an extension of the Democrat Party.

Paying Dividends

However, one of the areas in which we are already seeing improvement is on the Supreme Court. Had there been a liberal tilt on the bench, border wall construction would have already been halted.

In fact, it was a liberal judge that put the original injunction on wall funding and blocked the project from moving forward.

On the other end of the spectrum, we saw liberal judges in the circuit courts halt Trump’s travel ban as well as other immigration legislation that was put in place for the security of this country.

The good news is that President Trump’s work on the Supreme Court may not yet be done.

While it seems unlikely any of the justices will retire during this term, both Justice Breyer and Justice Ginsburg are in their 80s, with Ginsburg being closer to 90. It is highly unlikely both of them would be able to continue on for a full second term of Trump’s presidency.

If that happens, Trump’s greatest achievement while in office will clearly be having balanced out the judiciary and giving an originalist edge to the Supreme Court.

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