Trump celebrates surprise resignation of ‘Liddle Ben Sasse’

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), a staunch anti-Trump RINO senator, recently announced his intention to retire from his service in the upper chamber.

According to the Washington Examiner, almost nobody was happier to hear the news than former President Donald Trump, who celebrated “Liddle Ben Sasse’s” decision to resign. 

Sasse and Trump locked horns on several occasions during his presidency. Still, Sasse hammered the final nail in his political coffin, like several other RINO Republicans, when he voted in favor of convicting Trump during his second impeachment trial over the Jan. 6 Capitol protests.

The resignation decision shocked the political world, as Sasse still has about five years left in his current term.

“Great news!”

As one would expect, Trump held nothing back in his statement regarding Sasse’s resignation. The comments came in a pair of posts published to his social media platform, Truth Social.

“Great news for the United States Senate, and our Country itself. Liddle’ Ben Sasse, the lightweight Senator from the great State of Nebraska, will be resigning. If he knew he was going to resign so early in his term, why did he run in the first place? But it’s still great news!” Trump wrote.

He added: “The University of Florida will soon regret their decision to hire him as their President.”

“We have enough weak and ineffective RINOs in our midst. I look forward to working with the terrific Republican Party of Nebraska to get a REAL Senator to represent the incredible People of that State, not another Fake RINO!”

What’s next?

Should Sasse finalize his resignation, which he indicated would be at the end of this year, a replacement to complete his term will be chosen by Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (R).

However, the Examiner noted that an interesting situation could arise:

Should he resign in December, Ricketts will be tasked with appointing Sasse’s successor. If Sasse resigns in January or after, the new governor, who is likely to be Republican Jim Pillen, will choose the appointee, possibly allowing Ricketts to be chosen to serve in the upper chamber.

Whether it’s Ricketts or Pillen, either way, a Republican will be choosing Sasse’s replacement, thank goodness.

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