Trump celebrates 50 percent approval rating

When the latest approval ratings came out, President Donald Trump could not contain his joy.

Trump happily tweeted a quick “thank you” to his followers along with a picture of his recent 50% approval rating from a Rasmussen poll.

The Slow, Steady Trend

Trump has been fighting for his approval rating from the very early days of his administration.

In the early days of his presidency, his approval rating, at least in some polls, was in the low 30s.

As some of his new policies started to come into play, that rating started its long climb.

Of course, that rating also depends on which poll you follow.

Looking at the numbers along the way, many of the polls with lower numbers had as many as 70 percent Democrats in the polling numbers.

The polls that were closer to 50/50 or 40/40/20 always showed higher approval ratings for Trump.

Heading in the Right Direction

Liberals may not think so, but as far as conservatives and those who prioritize immigration and the economy are concerned, this country is finally going in the right direction.

Job markets are at all-time highs across the board.

While people like Bernie Sanders continue to unfairly call Trump a racist, his policies have led to the lowest unemployment rate among minorities in the history of our country.

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A majority of Americans have clearly come around on immigration as well.

This is a number in his approval ratings that continue to climb, contributing significantly to Trump’s overall approval rating.

As long as Congress does not put up roadblocks, it will be hard to stop Trump’s approval rating from continuing to climb.

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