Trump cancels NATO news conference, sending media into uproar

President Donald Trump was scheduled to hold a news conference on Wednesday following the conclusion of the NATO summit in London.

But he canceled it shortly before it was supposed to take place and came directly home to the White House instead, Breitbart reported.

News conference canceled

The cancelation sparked wild speculation among the liberal media, who largely blamed a widely-circulated video clip showing several other NATO leaders mocking President Trump during a cocktail party at the summit.

The video showed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau making fun of Trump and how often he speaks to the media at great length. He was joined in the overheard conversation by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, British Royal Princess Anne, French President Emmanuel Macron, and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

Trump’s transparency

But despite the media’s suspicions, the president himself maintained that he offered enough media availability throughout the summit, and didn’t need to do a formal presser.

At the end of a three-tweet thread, Trump wrote: “When today’s meetings are over, I will be heading back to Washington. We won’t be doing a press conference at the close of NATO because we did so many over the past two days. Safe travels to all!”

The president did indeed hold several lengthy news conferences with the media throughout the NATO summit that totaled well over two hours of Q&A.

According to the White House Briefings & Statements page, which provides transcripts of all of the president’s remarks to the media, Trump engaged with reporters on at least five occasions during the summit, including during his bilateral meetings with Stoltenberg, Macron, Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

By Breitbart’s count, Trump spoke with reporters for 52 minutes during his meeting with Stoltenberg, 39 minutes with Macron, about 30 minutes with Trudeau, and at least 11 minutes with Merkel.

Petty mockery

Despite all the time Trump spent fielding questions from the media throughout the summit, some in the media have still complained that the president canceled the news conference that was scheduled to take place at the very end.

Upon his return to Washington, Trump tweeted: “The Fake News Media is doing everything possible to belittle my VERY successful trip to London for NATO. I got along great with the NATO leaders, even getting them to pay $130 Billion a year more, [and] $400 Billion a year more in 3 years. No increase for U.S., only deep respect!”

Keep in mind: while the media was gleefully harping over the video of world leaders snickering about the president behind his back like a group of school children, it was also devoting outsized attention to the House Democrats’ sham of an impeachment effort. All of this was designed to smear the president and reinforce the left’s pre-set narratives against him — but in spite of all of that, it looks like Trump (and America) is doing better than ever.

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