Report: Trump can build the wall without congressional approval

As the clock ticks nearer to a new year and a Democrat takeover of the House, Dems just got some bad news out of Washington.

According to two USA Today columnists, President Donald Trump does not need Congress’ stamp of approval to get his border wall built.

Democrat Obstructionists

Democrats have been fighting Donald Trump and the Americans who voted for him over the border wall since the day Trump took office.

Even though legislation has been on the books for decades, Democrats have refused to give in.

And even though Democrats like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and even Barack Obama are on record demanding a border wall, they now act like they never said it.

The man leading the current block of border wall financing, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), used to stand on the dais regularly demanding more border security.

But today, he says it is immoral and refuses to work with President Trump to provide the funding needed for the border wall.

But as it turns out, there is plenty of money in our government to pay for the wall.

Better yet, President Trump does not need the cooperation of Democrat obstructionists to make it happen.

Shifting Money

When it became clear that the Democrats were not going to work with President Trump, the White House started to investigate pockets of funds available in various departments of the government.

Congress has already allocated a budget for border security of $1.6 billion.

But that does not include funding for the border wall.

In addition to that money, Trump still needs an additional $5 billion in funding.

If the president wants to use executive privilege, about 50 times that amount is available throughout the government, according to the columnists.

For example, the Department of Agriculture has several hundred billion out in loans.

Trump could authorize the sale of some of those loans to the private sector, then use that money for the border wall.

Because these loans are a source of steady income, it may not be the most popular decision with our elected representatives, but who really cares?

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Elected representatives on both sides of the aisle have proven regularly they simply do not care what We The People want — but President Trump clearly does.

Build the wall, Mr. President, and give the American people that voted for you what they asked you for when they put you into the Oval Office.

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