Trump campaign seeks SCOTUS reversal of election ruling out of Wisconsin

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a lawsuit filed in Wisconsin in a continued effort to challenge the results of last month’s election, Just the News reports.

In a statement this week, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani announced that the campaign seeks to reverse “the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision that allowed over 50,000 illegal absentee ballots in violation of Article II of the U.S. Constitution and Wisconsin law.”

“Refused to address the merits”

The writ of certiorari asks for an expedited review before Congress convenes next week to certify the Electoral College vote tally.

Despite the campaign’s apparently dwindling chances of success, it is clear that Trump and his allies are not prepared to give up the fight.

After dozens of prior court challenges, the latest argument seems to have a solid foundation and, if successful, could reverse the outcome of the state’s election. Along with the Trump campaign, plaintiffs allege that the state’s highest court has refused to hear the case on its merits.

Attorney Jim Troupis lamented the earlier decision that determined the Trump campaign waited too long to file its complaint.

“Regrettably, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, in their 4-3 decision, refused to address the merits of our claim,” Troupis said, according to Just the News. “This ‘Cert Petition’ asks them to address our claims, which, if allowed, would change the outcome of the election in Wisconsin.”

“Credibly resolving the controversy”

On the other hand, Troupis noted that three of the court’s seven judges “including the Chief Justice, agreed with many of the President’s claims in written dissents from that court’s December 14 order.”

Democrat Joe Biden won the state by a narrow 21,000-vote margin. With the state Supreme Court apparently unwilling to hear the specifics, the Trump campaign is hoping that the nation’s highest court will pick up the case.

“This Court is likely the only institution of our government capable of credibly resolving the controversy over this election,” the Trump legal team reportedly wrote in its court filing.

Meanwhile, other Trump allies — including Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) — are objecting to the Electoral College certification, citing the precedent set by Democrats in previous elections.

It remains to be seen whether the actions of Hawley and a handful of House Republicans will lead to significant changes. If nothing else, however, it highlights the apparent hypocrisy of Democrats who are attacking him after their own party took similar steps in the past.

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