Trump campaign ready to change course to address sagging poll numbers: Report

As national polling and, more importantly, surveys in swing states, show presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden with a significant lead over President Donald Trump, reports indicate that the incumbent’s campaign is taking heed of the developments in preparation of a course correction.

Politico recently reported that the president has acknowledged he is in danger of losing his re-election bid and has instructed his campaign to take the necessary steps as soon as possible. 

Citing “multiple people close to” Trump, the report determined that the president and his inner circle have grown concerned in recent days regarding the cumulative effect of the coronavirus pandemic response, widespread civil unrest, negative polling results, and a rally in Oklahoma earlier this month with lower-than-expected attendance.

Problems on multiple fronts

Aides and advisers also reportedly expressed concern about Trump’s performance during a town hall event with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity during which he failed to offer up a cogent response when asked about his goals for a second term and seemed to concede that Biden could defeat him in November.

All the while, many critics in the Democratic Party and the media are quick to seize on every perceived misstep the president and his administration makes.

Given all of these potentially inauspicious trends, Politico reported that the Trump campaign is quietly working on a new strategy.

Among the options being discussed are giving Trump a more hands-on role and bringing in new staffers to shake things up.

“What he said he would do he’s done”

While Politico made it clear that there is no indication current campaign manager Brad Parscale’s status is in danger, the report stated that his team has been reinforced with additional strategists in the days since the Tulsa rally.

Multiple crises have taken their toll on Trump’s re-election chances over the past few months, and the RealClearPolitics average of polls shows Biden with a nearly 10-point lead.

Nevertheless, there are still more than four months until Election Day and Biden faces his own challenges — including frequent public gaffes and a sexual assault allegation.

Republican pollster Rex Elsass says Trump has a chance to win a second term if he can “remind people that what he said he would do he’s done.”

In the end, it will be up to American voters to determine which path is most appropriate for the nation’s uncertain future.

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