Former Trump campaign manager hospitalized amid apparent mental health crisis: Report

The Trump campaign issued a statement over the weekend after news broke that the president’s former campaign manager, Brad Parscale, had been hospitalized amid an apparent mental health crisis.

According to The Hill, Parscale was sent to the hospital after “a tense exchange with police in which he was armed, barricaded himself in his home, and threatened to harm himself.”

The Trump campaign’s communications director, Tim Murtaugh, responded to the news by expressing support for Parscale and his family.

“Brad Parscale is a member of our family and we all love him,” Murtaugh said, according to The Hill. “We are ready to support him and his family in any way possible.”

“We went and got him help”

According to The Hill, Murtaugh also used his statement to implicate those he feels are responsible for Parscale’s situation.

“The disgusting, personal attacks from Democrats and disgruntled RINOs [Republicans in name only] have gone too far,” he said, “and they should be ashamed of themselves for what they’ve done to this man and his family.”

Much remains unclear about Parscale and his situation. The Hill reports that he was taken into custody under what is known as the Baker Act, “which allows authorities to detain someone who may be a threat to themselves or others.”

“We went out and it was very short. We went and got him help,” the local police chief told reporters after the incident, according to NPR.

The Associated Press reports that it was Parscale’s wife, Candice, who originally called police, but some reports have alleged it was another individual who saw Candice in distress and wanted to help.

Make America civil again

Parscale, for his part, served as Trump’s campaign manager until July, when he was replaced by Bill Stepien, The Hill noted. His closeness to the president put him constantly in the left’s line of fire, and as Murtaugh intimated, it may have proven too much.

The last four years have desensitized many to the truly despicable rhetoric hurled at those working for the president, but that doesn’t make the words any less hurtful.

It’s time to bring civility back to politics. Lives are at stake here.

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