Trump campaign, GOP to focus on Biden’s mental acuity: Report

Over the last week, Democratic presidential frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden has made an outrageous number of gaffes.

According to a new Daily Caller report, Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican Party is preparing to use these incidents as ammunition if Biden wins the nomination. 

Ramping up the attacks

To be honest, the Democratic Party has provided plenty of ammo for Republicans to use against their own candidate. For instance, notable leftist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) stated in July that Biden’s mental acuity has “raised some questions” about his ability to bring home this presidency.

After an early debate, other members of his party were also rather critical of Joe Biden.

The Washington Post reported that failed presidential candidates Cory Booker and Julian Castro both questioned Biden’s ability to “carry the ball all the way across the line” in a grueling campaign.

Joe Biden has not helped his case in recent days, either. With an uptick in appearances, Joe is making all kinds of mistakes, and his campaign simply cannot clean them up quickly enough. For instance, at one appearance, Biden appeared to forget Barack Obama’s name.

According to the Daily Caller report, GOP sources have disclosed that the party is preparing a “full court press” on Biden’s mental decline and fitness for office.

A major problem for Dems

These Biden slips may be comedy gold, but this is really a major problem for Democrats. Biden has always been a gaffe machine, but the problem has been kicked into overdrive and seems to get worse the busier he gets on the campaign trail.

Not only that, but it really gets bad when he gets put on the spot during debates and town halls. Biden has tried to intimidate voters at town halls and during debates, has repeatedly had emotional outbursts, and is prone to giving long-winded answers that simply make no sense.

Honestly, this election could be more about who Joe Biden selects as his vice president — because it is becoming painfully clear that individual may spend more time in the Oval Office than Biden himself.

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