President Trump calls Nancy Pelosi’s bluff: ‘Maybe we should take down’ border wall in California

President Donald Trump is ready to call Nancy Pelosi’s bluff on funding for the border wall.

Trump taunted Pelosi during a signing event at the White House on Thursday, saying if Pelosi thinks walls are so immoral, perhaps she should take down the one near the Mexican city of Tijuana at California’s southern border.

“If walls are immoral, maybe we should take down all the walls that are built right now. You would see a mess like you’ve never seen before,” Trump said. “You will have so many people coming into our country that Nancy Pelosi will be begging for a wall, she will say, ‘Mr. President, please, please give us a wall.'”

Flood California with Immigrants

Trump went on to half-jokingly suggest that the border wall on California’s southern border be moved to states like Texas and Arizona, whose representatives widely support border wall funding.

But the president was quick to note that if he does that, Pelosi’s state would soon be flooded with illegal immigrants using Tijuana as an express lane to the United States, leading to more crime and drug problems.

Indeed, while realistically that will not happen, it sure would be interesting to hear a reporter put that scenario to Pelosi to hear her response.

Considering that Nancy has a massive fence around her own property, it is unlikely she would agree to dismantle the wall that currently surrounds her state on the southern border. But who knows? She has been known to flip-flop her views on a whole host of issues.

Don’t Expect Much

This is far from the first time that Trump has gotten on Pelosi’s case for refusing to negotiate on border wall funding after a more than month-long partial government shutdown over it — and it likely won’t be the last.

Indeed, President Trump expects about as much from the committee that has been appointed to negotiate wall border funding as most conservatives do.

In fact, word has already gotten out that Democrats are refusing to budge on wall security — which is not a good sign of things to come.

“I don’t expect much coming out of the committee. If they don’t give us a wall, it doesn’t work,” Trump said.

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Officials have until Feb. 15 to make a deal on border security funding or the government will likely shut down again — and Trump will likely take matters into his own hands by declaring a national emergency and allocating funds as he sees fit.

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