Trump calls out small crowd protesting in front of Supreme Court

Had you watched liberal-sympathetic media outlets over the weekend, you may have believed the Supreme Court was about to be overrun.

But President Donald Trump belayed that myth on Saturday, sending out a tweet that said there were no more than 200 people protesting Kavanaugh.

The Media

As we have seen numerous times over the last two years, the media always seems to find a way to make these protests worse than they really are.

In this case, many of the mainstream outlets were taking pictures that offered the appearance of a massive mob about to overtake our Supreme Court.

While they tried to sell their bill of goods, a Fox News reporter was on the spot to reveal what was actually going on.

The Real Crowd

As it turns out, Trump was right, because there were very few people actually on the Supreme Court steps protesting the confirmation.

Taking an honest look at the crowd, it was obvious there were just as many, in not more, onlookers than there were protestors.

More Protests Looming

While this protest more or less fizzled out before it ever got started, most believe this is only the beginning.

The big money men, such as George Soros, have yet to get fully involved — and it is only a matter of time before these demonstrations are ramped up.

It is probably a fairly safe assumption the moment an abortion or immigration issue goes before the Supreme Court with Brett Kavanaugh as a sitting justice, buses will be packed and sent to the Supreme Court to protest.

What people like Soros don’t seem to understand, though, is these protests actually motivate people to vote for Republicans.

Midterm elections will be here before we know it and we already know Democrats are going to use Kavanaugh’s confirmation as a rallying cry.

Republicans, however, will also use it, but in a much different way, and that is to protect our basic rights as guaranteed in the Constitution.

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If one thing has been proven throughout this process it is that Democrats have zero respect for due process.

That alone should motivate conservatives to get up off their couch and cast their vote come November.

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