Trump Calls for Penalties Against Officials Who Aid Mass Release of Illegals

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

President Trump is calling for federal officials who aid and abet the mass release of illegal aliens into the United States to be punished – criminally.

Trump issued the statement as the end looms in just days for his Title 42 program that ejected some illegal newcomers from the country.

“Knowing just how willing Joe Biden and his deputies have been to violate and dismantle the laws of our nation, Congress must establish CRIMINAL PENALTIES for any senior official or political appointee who orders, aids, or abets the mass-release of illegal aliens into the United States,” he said.

“What these open borders extremists are doing to our country is criminal—and it should be punished as such,” he said.

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Trump said, over his two years in office, Biden “has invited millions of illegal aliens to infiltrate our country in a gigantic unlawful invasion. Now, after announcing on April 1, 2022, that he would end my Title 42 protections at the border, and declining to appeal numerous court rulings, Biden is getting what he always wanted: the termination of the most effective border security policy in modern history.”

He said Biden “is willfully and deliberately triggering a cataclysm of illegal immigration like the world has never seen before.”

Trump explained what Biden is doing is creating a “nightmare” by telling illegal aliens “if they break into our country unlawfully, Joe Biden will do everything possible to ensure that they are not removed, and are allowed to stay here indefinitely.”

He warned against any “amnesty” now, too, warning that such a move would reward “Joe Biden’s lawlessness, criminal cartels, child traffickers, and it would reward everyone who has broken the laws of our nation.”

He said Congress also needs to adopt a permanent, total ban on any president using tax dollars to release illegal aliens into the U.S.

He said Congress also should make permanent his own administration’s border security reforms.

“My Title 42 policy must be legislatively restored and made permanent, making clear that it can be used in any circumstance the president deems necessary for border management. Likewise, Remain in Mexico, our Safe Third Country agreements, expedited removals, 212(f), and many other vital Trump policies must be enshrined in federal law,” he said.

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