Report: Trump called Nadler in hospital following May health scare

One of President Donald Trump’s chief political enemies at the moment is Democratic New York Rep. Jerold Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, who is heading investigations into Trump’s administration and personal life, and who would lead impeachment proceedings if that partisan bridge is ever crossed.

Trump and Nadler are obviously not particularly fond of one another, yet, it has been reported that Trump reached out to Nadler and offered up his best wishes for Nadler’s recovery following a brief health scare the congressman experienced in May.

Nadler’s scare

Reports indicate that Trump placed a pleasant “get-well” call to Nadler while he was temporarily hospitalized for dehydration following an incident on May 24 when the congressman apparently passed out during a political event.

Nadler was taking part in an event alongside New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, but soon grew remarkably pale and slumped over in his seat, dazed and confused by his surroundings for a few frightening moments.

Nadler was transported to a Manhattan hospital as a precaution and kept overnight for observation.

His office further noted that there was no serious underlying medical issue that contributed to the incident.

Surprise call

It has since emerged that while Nadler was in the hospital, he received a rather unexpected phone call from the president, who was on board Air Force One en route to Japan for a state visit with the new Japanese emperor.

An anonymous member of Nadler’s staff, along with other unnamed individuals said to be familiar with the previously unreported call, confirmed that it occurred, and moreover, that it was free of partisan rancor and politics and was instead focused solely on conveying good wishes for Nadler’s health.

Trump reportedly expressed his view of Nadler as a “tough” guy who would recover quickly, wished the congressman well and even offered to help him out in any way, if necessary.

The call reportedly included no mention of Nadler’s investigations or the potential for impeachment, but simply took the form of two 70-something New Yorkers who’ve known each other for decades sharing a moment of humanity.

Putting rivalry aside

Trump and Nadler have been rivals to one extent or another since at least the 1980s when Trump was a New York City real estate developer and Nadler successfully led local opposition to Trump’s proposed developments on Manhattan’s West Side.

Their contentious relationship has continued in Washington, D.C., and though things can get quite bitter at times, Trump was willing to set it all aside and issue a sincere “get-well” call to his political enemy in a time of medical concern.

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