Trump says he was the one who requested to call off joint exercises with South Korea

In the midst of his negotiations with North Korea, one move by President Donald Trump was tragically overlooked.

As part of the deal, President Trump chose to end joint military operations with South Korea. 

Stunning announcement

When the agreement with Kim was first made, South Korea was apparently caught off guard by Trump’s announcement.

Even though the halt of the exercises was made public, it was more or less overlooking by most of the media outlets.

As rumblings started to surface, Trump was (of course) raked over the coals for suspending operations.

Brilliant move or mistake?

Many of the political pundits that are making a career out of criticizing Trump called this action a major misstep by the president.

They are calling him weak, and even saying the move proves his inexperience in the political world.

Once again, though, these pundits made a call without knowing all the facts.

Over the weekend, both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence offered some clarity, making all of these pundits look like fools in the process.

Pence was quick to note that even though the “war games” were being called off, readiness exercises were still taking place.

Trump himself stated the war games were “VERY EXPENSIVE” and “set a bad light during a good faith negotiation.”

Why call them off?

Taking a look at the exercises from the viewpoint of an adversary, the cessation of them is a huge show of faith on Trump’s part.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has long touted the games as an act of aggression as well as taunting his military.

By calling the games off, Trump is showing Kim he means business in terms of the peace talks.

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As long as this move does not risk our military’s readiness in case of a sudden attack, it could go a long way in getting Kim to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

The verdict is not quite in on this move from the president, but knowing Trump and his negotiating genius, he likely has more tricks up his sleeve than we know about.

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