California Supreme Court hands Trump a major win on tax return law

Democrats throughout the country, bolstered by bogus laws in California, were trying to prevent President Donald Trump from even being on the 2020 ballot.

Their efforts, however, were thwarted by the California Supreme Court when the new law requiring tax returns to be revealed in order to be on the ballot was tossed out.

Rigging the election

California was only one of several states to implement legislation specifically with Trump in mind. The president’s tax returns are like the Holy Grail for Democrats, so they were all trying to rig the ballots to get their hands on them.

In July, California Governor Gavin Newsom officially signed a law into effect that would prevent anyone from running for national office until they turned over years of tax returns.

This was a similar law that had been vetoed by then-Governor Jerry Brown in 2017. Newsom maintained that because the law did not specifically name Trump, it should be valid.

His own Supreme Court, however, felt differently, voting unanimously to throw out the legislation, calling it unconstitutional.

The beauty of this ruling is that it now sets a precedent for other states that have similar legislation waiting in the wings.

If they are smart, they will bury that legislation to avoid being outed as a political attack that simply wants to change the rules for no other reason than to steal power away from the American people.

It has never been the law

There has been a tradition in this country of presidential candidates to making their tax returns public for decades. However, it is only a tradition and nothing more.

The reality of the situation is that Democrats want Trump’s tax returns so they can try to exploit any tax laws he used to pay fewer taxes.

They want to make criminal something every American in this country does. If you know a single person that willingly pays more to the government in taxes than they have to, please have them come forward to prove us wrong.

If there were something wrong with Trump’s taxes, we all would have known about it by now, and that clearly has not happened.

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