Report: Trump brings in millions for Republicans ahead of key midterm cycle

Former President Donald Trump just scored another major victory.

According to Forbes, Trump’s efforts to campaign for the GOP ahead of the 2022 midterm elections have raised an incredible $56 million for Republicans nationwide over the last six months.

In just half a year, Trump has used his influence and massive voter base to help the GOP take back the House and Senate come November 2022 to the tune of millions. Trump’s Make America Great Again Committee raised $34 million alone in the first half of the year, Forbes noted.

It was more than any other Republican fundraising group, according to Forbes. The National Republican Congressional Committee raised just $26.7 million in that timeframe, while the National Republican Senatorial Committee brought in $23 million, the outlet said.

Energy surging

The success — or failure — of fundraising efforts is a great indicator of how energized a voter base is. All around, Republicans are bringing in huge sums, which suggests that GOP voters are excited and ready to get out the vote in 2022.

Interestingly, fundraising for Trump was at its highest early in the year. With money from the former president on the table, Democrats will be forced to throw everything they have at Republicans to try and keep control of Congress.

Furthermore, the fact that the numbers are coming from Trump proves he will be critical to encouraging Republican voters to head to the polls next November.

Meanwhile, Republican fundraising has already been an incredible success; one can only imagine how well they will do when the midterm election cycle gets into full swing.

Democrats panicking

The numbers are certainly looking good for Republicans, which means it is time for Democrats to panic.

Nearly every metric is favoring Republicans as they look to back control of the House, and they could even take the Senate, which is currently divided evenly between the two parties.

That would be the worst-case scenario for President Joe Biden — and the odds of that happening are looking stronger every day.

Democrats have fumbled the ball since taking the reins after the 2020 election, and Americans are ready for new leadership. Trump’s incredible fundraising success is just the tip of the iceberg.

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