Trump breaks his own record for fewest regulations issued in a year: Report

It seems as though every day we are talking about a new record being set by the Trump administration.

President Donald Trump is now being celebrated by conservatives for passing fewer regulations in the past year than any other president, surpassing the standard set during his first two years in office, according to the Washington Examiner.

Reducing regulations

For conservatives, fewer government regulations are always the goal. During the Obama era, more government regulations than ever were put into place.

In contrast, while undoing the miles of red tape President Barack Obama put in place, Trump continues to be rather thrifty with any new regulations allowed to take effect.

According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s regulation expert Clyde Wayne Crews: “The [Dec.] 31, 2019 Federal Register closed out with 2,964 final rules within its pages. This is the lowest count since records started being kept in the mid-1970s.”

Undoing Obama’s work

When Obama left office, there were 95,894 pages of regulations in the Register. That is more than enough to go floor to ceiling with plenty to spare in most homes.

As messy as it sounds, Trump has actually had to add pages to the Register in order to eliminate older regulations but he is ripping up far more pages than he is adding.

The proof is in the pudding as they say, or, in this case, the size of the regulatory manual. When the Federal Register published federal regulations this year, it was made up of only 72,564 pages.

Trump once said that he hoped to have the entire register down to one binder — and if he is re-elected, he just may get there.

This is infuriating to Democrats, because it has always been clear that they want the government to have oversight of just about everything.

The more regulations they can disperse, the more control they have over the American people.

This is one of those small victories that go unnoticed in the mainstream media, but it clearly is one to celebrate. Sorry, not sorry, Dems.

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