Trump says he has a ‘chance to break the Deep State’ as new information is revealed

President Donald Trump has made his battle against the so-called “Deep State” a central theme of both his 2016 presidential campaign and his administration’s first term. Now, it seems the fight is moving into its next phase.

In a recent interview, the president signaled that documents unearthed by Acting Director of National Intelligence Rick Grenell will give him the ammunition needed to “break” the group of bureaucrats and elected officials he believes pose a collective threat to his presidency, the Daily Caller reported.

“We have another superstar”

Trump’s latest remarks came during a wide-ranging conversation with former CBS reporter Sheryl Attkisson for her new program, Full Measure.

Attkisson asked him why it had taken more than three years to declassify “alleged wrongdoing” by bad actors in the prior administration, prompting the president to praise the work of both Grenell and John Ratcliffe, who was recently confirmed to take over as DNI and was sworn in following the interview, as The Dallas Morning News reported.

“Richard Grenell is a superstar,” Trump said, according to a transcript provided by Full Measure. “He had guts, he had courage to do what he did. We have another superstar going in as you know, John Ratcliffe. He just got approved yesterday and he’ll be taking over as of Tuesday.”

Continuing his endorsement of Grenell, the president said he was able to expose corruption within the government and pave the way for more robust action in the future.

“Look, they were trying to do a takedown of the president of the United States illegally,” Trump said, according to the transcript. “It’s all illegal.”

“I’m very disappointed in certain people”

As for officials earlier on in his administration — namely, former DNI Dan Coates and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions — the president said they “didn’t do their job,” thus forestalling the exposure of wrongdoing within the government.

“So I’m very disappointed in certain people,” he told Attkisson. “And some people have done a phenomenal job, but what am I doing? I’m fighting the Deep State. I’m fighting the swamp. And I said I was doing it. And I’m exposing the swamp.”

Hinting at unspecified revelations yet to come, Trump said he anticipates having a “chance to break the Deep State.”

Trump has long decried establishment agencies and officials within the federal government, referring to the U.S. Department of State as “the Deep State Department” during a White House news conference in March.

Though critics of the administration write off his rhetoric as a diversion, Trump still has plenty of supporters across the country who are waiting to see what lies ahead in his war against the “Deep State.”

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