Trump makes the case for border wall at G20 Summit

After a picture of a dead immigrant father and his daughter went viral, President Donald Trump made the case that their deaths may have been prevented.

While speaking at the G20 Summit, Trump reminded the audience that had the border wall already been built, it would save lives by discouraging immigrants from making the dangerous journey.

Build the Wall

As it stands now, there are dozens of miles of our border that are an easy target for illegal immigrant crossings.

All this does is encourage people like that father and daughter to make the dangerous journey.

Furthermore, the current Democrat narrative does nothing more than make these individuals believe there will be little to no repercussions for entering this country illegally.

As long as that continues, these people are going to be encouraged to continue to make this dangerous trek.

It’s Just Not Fair

What is even more infuriating about the entire situation is the fact Democrats are actually penalizing immigrants willing to wait in line and come to this country the right way. Trump himself took this position during the Summit, calling it “very unfair.”

During the Democrat debates, virtually every candidate in the race took the position of decriminalizing illegal immigration. What kind of a message is that sending to people willing to follow the rule of law?

Democrats have created the immigration crisis in the country purposely to create a negative narrative against Donald Trump. They absolutely knew by taking the tack they did, more immigrants would try to get into this country illegally.

The fact illegal crossings increased so dramatically after presidential candidates started promoting this narrative is proof of that. Then, they turned around and blamed the crisis on Trump to score political points.

On one hand, they accuse Trump of breaking the rule of law with their bogus Russian collusion narrative, then they turn around and ignore immigration laws!

Predictably, the mainstream media is either choosing to ignore these facts or is a willing participant in deceiving the American people about them.

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