Trump blocks Democrats from attending USMCA signing event

Nobody will ever argue the fact that Donald Trump has a savage streak to him that sometimes comes out in surprising ways.

To that point, Trump refused to invite any Democrats to the signing of the USMCA trade deal on Tuesday, according to Breitbart — an obvious snub to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Fighting for credit

Pelosi, for her part, would like everyone to believe that this deal can be credited more to Democrats’ efforts than Trump’s work.

NAFTA was largely considered one of the worst trade agreements to have ever been signed, yet it has been in place since 1994.

When Trump signed off on the initial USMCA trade deal, created to replace NAFTA, Pelosi laughed and stated she would not sign off on what she called a NAFTA deal with lipstick.

It is pretty ironic that she would be so critical of that deal since she, as well as a slew of other Democrats, were in office when NAFTA was originally passed.

It was, however, necessary to throw some shade on Trump, so Dems held up USMCA for about a year while they added their own stipulations to the bill. This was expected because, as stated above, they simply could not allow Trump to take all the credit.

Well-earned slight

While Trump has been getting work done for the American people, Dems have been obsessed with removing him from office. Now, in the midst of an impeachment trial, Trump decided to leave them out of the signing ceremony, and who can blame him?

Pelosi and company think they can throw slurs around without repercussion, but Trump clearly does not work that way.

Far too many of today’s politicians have been in office for decades, leading this country down a ruinous path, yet they want to blame Trump for all their failures.

Still, though, Pelosi and company insist on playing these childish games, so no, they do not deserve to be there to share in the glory because, for the most part, all they have done is try to obstruct Trump from doing the job we elected him to do.

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