Trump blasts ‘a young bartender, 29-years-old’ over disastrous Green New Deal

President Donald Trump took a few veiled shots at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) earlier this week that are likely not going to sit well with the Dems’ new star representative.

During a speech at the National Republican Congressional Committee dinner in Washington, Trump slammed the AOC’s Green New Deal without referring to freshman congresswoman by name. Instead, he called the deal “the craziest thing” and referred to AOC as “a young bartender, 29-years-old.”

“They’re petrified of her,” Trump said of Democrats.

The New Breed

Trump seems mystified as to how a no-name 29-year-old has seemingly become one of the most powerful voices in the entire party — and he isn’t the only one.

History has shown that freshman representatives — especially the younger ones — like to keep their heads down and their names out of the headlines during their first terms in office.

They hope to set themselves up for re-election by learning the ropes and earning the backing of the more seasoned politicians in office.

But when it comes to Ocasio-Cortez, that model was thrown right out the window.

She immediately made a splash in Washington, and now appears to be dictating party policy much more so than her party’s leader, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA).

Don’t Fight It

Still, AOC’s inexperience shows. She was left stumbling after her botched Green New Deal release, which left Trump and other Republicans thinking of the plan as a complete joke — largely because much of what it proposed is unrealistic and downright comical.

But that doesn’t mean the GOP wants the Green New Deal to go away. In fact, the president is likely hoping the Democrats will put the Green New Deal on their candidates’ platforms ahead of 2020, which would undoubtedly be a mistake, considering how low public opinion of the deal really is.

States that depend on the coal, oil, and natural gas industries for their economy would also run far away from Democrats who support a deal that would effectively bankrupt them.

Indeed, while Ocasio-Cortez sees the deal as the way to preserve our future, members of her own party — including Pelosi — have questioned whether the plan is even feasible.

But the battle is just getting started.

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