Donald Trump, Jr. blasts tech companies for ‘pretty disgusting’ bias

Questions about bias in major tech companies have circled for years — but now, someone is finally calling them out on it.

Donald Trump Jr. blasted the bias of Silicone Valley tech companies last week, calling it “pretty disgusting” and insisting that there should be “consequences.”

Biased Platforms

Trump Jr. was headed out of Turning Point USA’s 2018 Student Action Summit when he was approached by Alana Mastrangelo of Breitbart regarding recent testimony by the CEO of Google.

Mastrangelo wanted Don Jr.’s opinion about the CEO’s inability to answer a question regarding Donald Trump and search results.

“What does it say about Google when the CEO, under oath, cannot answer for why when you Google image the word ‘idiot,’ photos of your father, the President of the United States, pops up?” she asked.

Trump Jr. stated the obvious: that these platforms have an obvious bias.

He further stated they are using that power to “influence people from a very young age.”

Ignoring the Problem

While the bias of these tech companies is indeed “disgusting,” it is more shocking that our elected officials have done little about it.

Liberals went absolutely berserk over Russians buying ads to try to influence the presidential election, but they’re by and large ignoring this problem.

Companies like Google are dictating the information available to anyone with an internet connection — and if we aren’t careful, the next generation of voters will have no chance of thinking reasonably about conservative and liberal ideals.

When the search results for “idiot” have the first three rows of results dominated by images of the president, what do you really expect these kids to think?

Trump Jr. is absolutely right in that there should be consequences for the actions of these tech giants.

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They write the algorithms that return these results, and the bias could not be more obvious.

At the very least, our Justice Department owes it to the people of this country and its president to investigate this and punish these companies appropriately for their actions.

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