Trump blasts New York Times story accusing White House lawyer of turning against him

The ink had barely dried on a recent New York Times article when President Donald Trump ripped the publication in an onslaught of tweets.

Among other things, Trump called the Times “fake news” and called one of its board members “disgusting.”

The hit piece

The story in the New York Times made it out as though Special Counsel Robert Mueller had landed a massive coup in getting White House Counsel Don McGahn on the stand.

Trump could have invoked executive privilege, but he did not.

The White House has consistently provided the Mueller investigation with everything it has asked for in an effort to get this investigation closed out.

Assuming everything Trump is saying is correct, it will only help Republicans in midterms to have the report find that Trump did nothing to “collude” with the Russians.

If you read the Times piece, though, you’d believe Trump’s days in the Oval Office were numbered because of the damning information provided by McGahn.

Trump fights back

The publication’s perception and subsequent reporting on the event were apparently enough to send President Trump into an early morning tyrade:

Timely reponse

Not long after Trump sent out his last tweet, the New York Times responded in kind to support its reporters that worked on the story:

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It is unlikely we will see a let-up in these hit pieces anytime soon.

Trump exposed the media for what it really is during the election season, and the media as a collective is none too happy with him.

The result of this has been the publication of speculation pieces as fact.

And Trump won’t stand for it.

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