Trump blasts Mueller after massive strategic win

The witch hunt is finally over. That doesn’t mean that President Trump is going to stop talking about the injustice of it all.

On a Friday that saw the Mueller reports final conclusion, Trump was still fired up: “For two years we’ve gone through this nonsense. There’s no collusion with Russia … and there’s no obstruction. They’ll say, ‘oh, well wait, there was no collusion, that was a hoax, but he obstructed in fighting against the hoax,” he said in a Fox interview.

The nonsense is over for now – at least where Mueller is concerned. House Democrats are a different matter.

Strategy pays off

For the last two years, Trump has consistently challenged the legitimacy of the Mueller investigation.

He dubbed the investigation a witch hunt, pointed out the liberal bias of top prosecutors on the probe, and even called Mueller “James Comey’s best friend.”

Meanwhile, despite the overhyped indictment and prosecution of associates like Paul Manafort and Roger Stone for unrelated reasons, the Mueller probe has consistently failed to provide any link to “Russian collusion.”

While Mueller’s report hasn’t been made public yet, it appears that the indictments are at an end, and Democrats are scrambling to explain the results.

It’s the best of all worlds for Trump – he’s essentially been cleared by an investigation run by his enemies. Despite the injustice of the probe, the president comes out of the ordeal with a newfound legitimacy.

The Man Who Beat The Deep State

Immediately after the report’s release, Trump had little to say at a GOP fundraising dinner in Florida.

Perhaps that’s because he already understands that the threat from Mueller is past, and now the deep state’s war against him will have to take a different form.

Already, distraught house Democrats are thundering that they’ll start their own investigations, mini witch hunts with no chance of success, but plenty of opportunity for grandstanding.

For now, Trump can afford to take a well-deserved victory lap.

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