Trump blasts anti-Israel protests as 'disgrace' that are 'Biden's fault'

 April 23, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

University campuses across America have been plagued in recent weeks with totally intolerant and often violent protests that condemn Israel.

The anti-Semitic events are carried out by anti-Israel radicals who blame the Middle East democracy for defending itself against the terrorists in Hamas, who invaded from Gaza Oct. 7 and killed some 1,200 civilians, often in horrific ways.

Israel, after the terror attack, dispatched its army to eliminate that threat of terrorism.

Now President Trump has blamed Joe Biden for the events that have all but destroyed free speech on many campuses and left Jewish students and faculty alike at risk.

Fox News said Trump made the comments ahead of entering a Manhattan court, slamming the on-campus radicalism and pinning the blame.

"What's going on at the college level… Columbia, NYU and others is a disgrace. And it's really on Biden," Trump explained. "He's got the wrong words. He doesn't know who he's backing. And it's a mess. And if this were me, they'd be after me, they'd be after me so much, but they're trying to get him a pass. And what's going on is a disgrace to our country. And it's all Biden's fault, and everybody knows it. He's got no message, he's got no compassion and doesn't know what he's doing."

He described Biden as the "worst" president ever.

Fox's report noted that antisemitism has surged on campuses of the nation's most "elite" universities.

There, protests against Israel have threatened that Jewish students are the "next" target of Hamas' terrorists.

Dozens of students were arrested on Columbia's grounds just days ago and others were arrested at Yale and NYU.

Trump explained, "It all starts with Joe Biden. The signals he puts out are so bad. And I can tell you he's no friend of Israel, that's for sure. And he's no friend of the Arab world either."

In fact, when a far-left member of Congress, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of New York, commented recently, "It is especially important that we remember the power of young people shaping this country today... as we once again witness the leadership of those peaceful, student-led protests on campuses like Columbia, Yale, Berkeley, and many others," Biden instructed listeners to "Listen to that lady."

report in the Free Beacon described other damage from the movement, including widespread cancellation of classes and the decision by Robert Kraft, New England Patriots owner, to stop donating to Columbia due to "virulent hate" on campus.

On some campuses, radicals have erected tent cities to take over the properties and push their ideologies.

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