Trump tweets sarcastic birthday wish to ‘the leader of the Democrat Party’ Maxine Waters

Of all of President Donald Trump’s legion of outspoken critics, the most vociferous in her attacks on Trump is Democrat California Rep. Maxine “Impeach 45!” Waters, who celebrated her 80th birthday on Wednesday.

There is certainly no love lost between Trump and Waters, but he seemingly set aside their differences in order to wish her a happy birthday via Twitter — in his own sarcastic way, of course.

Technically inaccurate trolling

Maxine Waters is technically not a “leader” in the Democrat Party or the House Democratic caucus, at least not in any official capacity.

But she has risen as a “leader” among the anti-Trump #Resistance movement among the left due to her staunch opposition to virtually everything the president does, as well as her incessant demands that he be impeached from office for unspecified crimes.

As such, Trump has sarcastically begun to refer to Waters as a “leader” and the “face” of the opposition party over the past year in a not-so-subtle effort to link her not-particularly-mainstream views to the more moderate members of the party who aren’t prepared to go down the impeachment road yet.

Those Democrats likely don’t want to be associated with Waters’ constant incitements of violence, and Trump likely hopes they will abandon her and even the Democratic Party if they view her as the leader.

“Impeach 45!”

And that right there is the crux of the matter: Waters’ is fixated on impeaching Trump, ostensibly for his purported “treason” in “colluding” with the Russians to “steal” the 2016 election away from the rightful, establishment-chosen winner, Hillary Clinton.

In fact, during an appearance on MSNBC earlier this week, in response to a question about what she wanted most for her birthday, Waters launched into a minute and a half diatribe against the president and revealed that his removal from office is her greatest wish:

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Whether she intended it or not, and whether other Democrats like it or not, Maxine Waters has indeed become a “leader” and the “face” of at least the vehemently anti-Trump wing of the Democrat Party.

While Waters’ constant cries of impeachment may play well on the coasts or in deep blue cities, it doesn’t fly particularly well elsewhere — which is precisely why Trump has continued to highlight Waters’s insane outbursts and link them to the rest of the Democrats. It really isn’t a good look for them with most voters.

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