Trump stands up for Joe Biden against North Korea

Donald Trump has done something that has shocked every one of his supporters: He went out of his way to defend Joe Biden.

When North Korea’s state-run media suggested that Joe Biden was no better than a “rabid dog” who should be “beaten to death with a stick,” Trump intervened and actually took Biden’s side, according to The Hill.

Get ready for the media spin

President Trump is clearly learning from his previous mistakes. Trump had nothing at all do with the comments made by North Korea, but he surely would have been raked over the coals by the media if he kept his mouth shut about this.

If Trump had not responded, the media would have said his silence meant that he approved of the outrageous comments by North Korea.

Joe Biden did not comment on Trump’s defense of him, but he did comment on the words of the North Korean media. Biden stated that he would wear the comment “as a badge of honor.”

Even though Trump cleared himself on one front, there is still plenty for the media to make of this. They will undoubtedly say North Korea is trying to influence our elections with this statement, as though Americans think anything North Korea says as meaningful when it comes to our candidates.

Trump is trying to strike a deal with the Korean government to denuclearize the peninsula and secure the safety of our ally, South Korea, and by extension, preserve global stability.

It’s a delicate balancing act to maintain relations with North Korean leaders, but obviously Donald Trump is not willing to throw an American citizen under the bus to achieve that goal. The media will never acknowledge this, however.

Get the deal done

As far as the actual deal Trump mentioned in his tweet, the clock is definitely ticking. North Korea has given the United States until the end of the year to meet its demands or it has proclaimed the denuclearization deal will be dead.

In a show of goodwill, the U.S. and South Korea have canceled upcoming military exercises altogether after North Korean again voiced its displeasure over them.

If Trump is unable to seal this deal, it will be a crippling blow for an administration that has regularly touted the progress with North Korea as one of its major achievements.

If, however, Trump is able to get the deal done, it may all but cement a victory for him come 2020 and put even more pressure on Democrat to wrap up their bogus impeachment efforts.

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