Poll: Trump beats Bernie Sanders in hypothetical 2020 match-up

As almost two dozen Democrats and independents vie for the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination, President Donald Trump is just sitting back and waiting to take on the eventual winner of that primary contest.

If that ultimate victor is Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, however, and the results of a recent poll prove true, Trump can go ahead and start planning for his second term in office.

Trump wins hypothetical match-up

In anticipation of the primary battle for the 2020 Democratic nomination, Rasmussen is conducting a series of two-week surveys of likely voters presenting hypothetical match-ups of various Democratic candidates against President Trump.

The polling firm reports that if the 2020 election ends up being a contest between Sanders and Trump, the president is on track to win re-election with the support of 47 percent of voters, compared to 44 percent supporting Sanders.

Broken down along party lines, Sanders drew roughly 74 percent support from Democrat voters, while Trump garnered 83 percent of Republican voters under such a scenario.

Incredibly, 19 percent of Democrats would theoretically cross the aisle and vote for Trump if the self-declared socialist Sanders were the nominee.

Trump also reportedly has a 3 percentage point lead over Sanders among independent and unaffiliated voters.

Bernie in trouble

In other bad news for Sanders, the poll indicated that he would also be edged out by former Vice President Joe Biden as the favorite candidate among Democratic voters.

In a potentially discouraging development for Trump, survey numbers showed that Biden wins their hypothetical match-up by a margin of 49-44 percent, though it is worth noting that Biden has yet to even decide if he will actually run or not.

The Rasmussen poll revealed that among all voters, Sanders had a 47 percent favorability rating compared to an unfavorable rating of 49 percent.

While that may seem close, the difference really becomes clear in terms of those who feel strongly one way or the other, with Sanders viewed as “very favorable” by only 17 percent of voters, while 33 percent hold a “very unfavorable” view of the senator.

But if Biden doesn’t run and Sanders wins the nomination, it seems increasingly clear that the 2020 election is destined to be an ideological showdown between capitalism and socialism.

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