Trump turns up the heat on ‘Crazy Nancy Pelosi’ over impeachment

President Donald Trump is about as frustrated by the Democrats’ impeachment drama as can be expected.

He spent the Christmas holiday launching a barrage of tweets at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on the “Scam Impeachment,” as well as the Democrats’ lack of progress and the squalid conditions of her home district.

In fact, counting Trump’s tweets and his retweets of other posts that directly mentioned Pelosi between Christmas Day and Saturday afternoon, the president harangued the speaker no less than a dozen times.

Let’s start with impeachment

On Christmas evening, Trump started off with a two-part tweet that read: “Why should Crazy Nancy Pelosi, just because she has a slight majority in the House, be allowed to Impeach the President of the United States? Got ZERO Republican votes, there was no crime, the call with Ukraine was perfect, with ‘no pressure.’ She said it must be ‘bipartisan … & overwhelming,’ but this Scam Impeachment was neither. Also, very unfair with no Due Process, proper representation, or witnesses. Now Pelosi is demanding everything the Republicans weren’t allowed to have in the House. Dems want to run majority Republican Senate. Hypocrites!”

Early the next morning, Trump fired off a tweet that, while not explicitly naming Pelosi, was clearly aimed at her as it called out the “rushed” manner in which articles of impeachment had been pushed through the House, only for Pelosi to then balk and withhold them from the Senate.

“The Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats said they wanted to RUSH everything through to the Senate because ‘President Trump is a threat to National Security’ (they are vicious, will say anything!), but now they don’t want to go fast anymore, they want to go very slowly. Liars!” Trump wrote.

Pelosi’s decrepit home district

A short time later that morning, the president took aim at Pelosi’s home district, tweeting, “Nancy Pelosi’s District in California has rapidly become one of the worst anywhere in the U.S. when it come to the homeless & crime. It has gotten so bad, so fast – she has lost total control and, along with her equally incompetent governor, Gavin Newsom, it is a very sad sight!”

Just moments later, he posted, “‘Nancy Pelosi has no leverage over the Senate. Mitch McConnell did not nose his way into the impeachment process in the House, and she has no standing in the Senate.’ Brad Blakeman. Crazy Nancy should clean up her filthy dirty District & help the homeless there. A primary for N?”

About an hour later, Trump called out Pelosi’s impeachment for making his already tough job that much more difficult, and wrote, “Despite all of the great success that our Country has had over the last 3 years, it makes it much more difficult to deal with foreign leaders (and others) when I am having to constantly defend myself against the Do Nothing Democrats & their bogus Impeachment Scam. Bad for USA!”

Nor was he anywhere near finished, as Thursday evening saw him accuse Pelosi of “trying to usurp the Constitutional role of the Senate” followed by yet another reminder on homelessness in California and how “Crazy Nancy should focus on that in her very down district, and helping her incompetent governor with the big homeless problem!”

Parting shots

Trump’s barrage of tweets continued into Friday. Prominent among those was a tweet which read: “So interesting to see Nancy Pelosi demanding fairness from @senatemajldr McConnell when she presided over the most unfair hearing in the history of the United States Congress!”

Trump saved the best for last, however, and featured as his top pinned tweet a satirical video in which a voice-over hyped the city of San Francisco while the actual images on the screen showed homelessness, crime, and violence. He captioned it with the missive: “Crazy Nancy Pelosi should spend more time in her decaying city and less time on the Impeachment Hoax!”

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